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The STM garage sale was the hottest place to be on Sunday, as hundreds of Montrealers lined up to buy a piece of transit memorabilia.


The sale was held at the Bellechasse garage, which has been the home to the city’s fleet since 1941 and is set to be demolished next year.


According to CBC, the sale will not be the last of its kind. STM has said more items will be available for sale as renovations at metro stations continue.


A new agreement between the British Columbia government and First Nations communities recognizes that Indigenous right are inherent.


According to the Globe and Mail, this new approach is set to build a collaborative and ongoing government-to-government relationship that can adapt to changing circumstances over time.


The First Nations and the government are set to develop a constitutionally protected treaty on the issues of self-government, jurisdiction and land ownership.

While administrative and operational policy matters would be included in supplementary agreements


Canada has promised a $50 million contribution to the United Nations Palestinian refugee agency.


According to CBC, over a two year period the money will assist the health and education efforts of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees.


The Canadian Foreign ministry hopes the money will help with efforts to improve poverty, unemployment, and food insecurity in the region.