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An Eastern Townships resident is turning his private forest into a public healing space to honour residential school survivors.


According CBC, Terry Loucks’ forest is the first property in Quebec to join the National Healing Forests movement, a nation-wide initiative that started from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.


The healing forests originated as spaces where Indigenous and non-Indigenous people alike could reflect and connect with nature and honour residential school victims and survivors.



On Friday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apologized to the tsilhqot’in (chil-KOH-tin) community in British Columbia for the hangings of six chiefs in 1864.


Back in March, Trudeau issued an apology to tsilhqot’in (chil-KOH-tin) leaders in the parliamentary chamber for the mass execution that took place during the Chilcotin War.


According to the Canadian Press, the incident stems from a deadly confrontation with a white road-building crew that had entered Tsilhqot’in territory without permission.


The tsilhqot’in community have long questioned the government’s authority to punish the chiefs as criminals.


The island nation of Palau has become the first country to ban many forms of sunscreen in order to protect coral reefs.


According to the Independent, sunscreens which contain one of 10 prohibited chemicals will be considered “reef-toxic” and can be confiscated from tourists when they enter the country, and stores can be fined up to $1,200 for selling them.


The ban will come in effect in 2020.


An estimated 14, 000 tons of sunscreen enter the world’s oceans each year and studies have shown that the even a small amount of sunscreen damage the development of coral reefs and reproduction of fish.