News for Monday, May 9th 2016

By Sam Obrand

An anti-electroconvulsive shock therapy group is calling for a ban on the treatment.

According to CTV News, the activist group, Comité Pare-Chocs, asked Quebec's Health Minister to ban electroconvulsive shock therapy on Saturday.

Anti-electroconvulsive shock therapy spokesperson, Ghislain Goulet, said there has not been enough research on the treatment's long-term effects.

The group has estimated that the use of the treatment has increased by 60 per cent in Quebec since 2011.

By Saturn De Los Angeles

The wildfire in Fort McMurray is showing no signs of stopping. 

According to CBC News, the fire has become three times the size of Edmonton, and could expand into the neighboring province of Saskatchewan. 

The wildfire has already consumed 1,600 homes, and forced 80-thousand people to leave their homes. 

By Patricia Petit Liang

Anarchists threw firebombs and debris at riot police in Greece, as lawmakers debated a controversial austerity bill on Sunday.

According to Global News, Greek police retaliated using stun grenades and tear gas, inadvertently disrupting a peaceful rally.

The rally was held by union members and Communist party sympathizers to protest a bill that would raise social security and pension fees as well as taxes.