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Stories by Alyosha Nowlin, Jeremiah Ho, Michael Foldvari & Karl Knox

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By Alyosha Nowlin

The director of a Montreal homeless shelter says police failed to respond fast enough when he called to report a client’s sexual assault.

David Chapman, head of the Open Door, says it took police two hours to arrive at the shelter and speak with the young indigenous woman.

According to CBC News, Chapman was informed by police that there would be a delay because the two cruisers on patrol were handling more dangerous situations.

Once police arrived and spoke with the woman, things proceeded smoothly.

Chapman insists that had he not been so persistent, police might not have made a report at all.



By Jeremiah Ho

Halifax taxi driver Amer Abdo is being credited for rescuing a young woman from an assault on Friday afternoon.

According to CTV News, Abdo intervened when he saw a man attacking the woman on the street, helping her to safety in his taxi.

Abdo then followed the attacker and called police, who charged the man with assault.



By Michael Foldvari

Industry insiders are calling for standardized tow truck regulations across Canada, after a recent trend in rising towing fees.

According to CTV News, tow truck bills generally range from a few hundred to $1000, depending on the circumstances, but complaints have cited bills as high as $6000.

Representatives of Ontario's provincial towing association suggest that customers educate themselves about rules and protections already in place, rather than attempting to overhaul the existing system.


By Karl Knox

The Reuters News Agency is reporting that hundreds of protestors have been detained by riot police in Russia as demonstrations against corruption and calls for Prime Minister Dmitry's arrest took place across the country.

The protests were led by opposition leader and anti-corruption campaigner Alexei Navalny, who was also detained at the Moscow demonstration.

The demonstrations were subject to black out in Russian state media.