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By Jeremiah Ho

Quebec’s marine mammal network is advising the public not to approach young harbor seals along the St. Lawrence River.  

According to CBC News, human interaction can cause the seals to become aggressive as they wait for their mothers to feed them.

The seals are born during May and June and rest along the shore to regulate their body temperature.  


By Karl Knox

The remains of Christine Wood, a 21 year old indigenous woman who went missing last year, were discovered on Thursday.

According to CTV News, Wood was found by a farmer just outside of Winnipeg.

As many as 4000 indigenous women have disappeared in Canada over the last 20 years and many of their cases remain unsolved.


By Allison O’Reilly

Dozens of civilians lost their lives while fleeing Western Mosul on Sunday.

According to BBC News, it’s not clear how the citizens were killed.

Hundreds of other civilians, of which many were wounded, were able to make it out alive.