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Stories by Karl Knox, Jeremiah Ho, Loren O'Brien-Egesborg and Allison O'Reilly

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By Allison O'Reilly

A float in Montreal’s Fête Nationale parade on Saturday has received widespread backlash, with many calling it racist.

According to CBC News, 4 black teenagers dressed in tan clothing were carrying singer Annie Villeneuve while dozens of white people dressed in white clothing marched alongside them.

The controversial float was by pushed by students from a local high school who had volunteered to help out with the festivities.


By Loren O'Brien-Egesborg

Toronto community members are unhappy after 100 Toronto police and union representatives attended the New York City Pride Parade this weekend.

According to CBC News, The Gay Officers Action League in New York invited Toronto police to participate in the festivities.

Members of Pride Toronto voted to ban uniformed officers from attending their parade to support the Black Lives Matter movement and to make other members of the LGBTQ community feel safer.


By Karl Knox

6 whales were found dead in the Gulf of St. Lawrence in what marine biologists describe as an unprecedented event for their species.

According to CBC News, the North Atlantic Right Whale is an endangered species with only 500 of their kind remaining.

It is unlikely that the whales will be examined as officials doubt that they can tow the animals to shore due to bad weather.


By Jeremiah Ho

An oil tanker explosion killed 146 people outside the city of Bahawalpur, Pakistan on Sunday.

According to Reuters, the explosion occurred as citizens collected leaking fuel from a tanker which had crashed while speeding along the highway.

At least 20 children’s lives were lost in the tragedy.