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By Patricia Petit Liang

Former Cree leader William Mianscum testified this week at public hearings held by the Viens Commission as part of the provincial inquiry investigating how Indigenous people are treated by public services in Quebec.

According to CBC News, the former chair of the Cree School Board and past chief of the James Bay community of Mistissini experienced racism while getting his lungs treated at a Quebec hospital in 2015.

A nurse at the Val-d'Or hospital told another nurse that she was "going to walk her dog" while accompanying him to the bathroom.

Mianscum also described how another Cree patient had been refused medical assistance throughout the night and passed away shortly the next day.

The inquiry is expected to end by November 30th.


By Patricia Petit Liang

An organisation providing a "safe space" for the LGBTQ community and football fans of color was forced out of the World Cup in Russia last week.

According to BBC News, Diversity House was supposed to be open throughout the entire tournament.

Football Against Racism in Europe stated that the eviction was likely a politically motivated move and that the Russian government has a long history of forcing out rights groups on legalistic pretexts.


By Karl Knox

The 630 migrants who were rescued last week from the Mediterranean sea and refused permission to dock in Italy and Malta have arrived in Spain, where they have been welcomed with open arms and promises of health care.

According to BBC News, the rising tide of anti-immigration sentiment across Europe has exposed a continuing absence in EU policy when it comes to having a united, coherent, functioning plan to deal with short and long term irregular migration.

The Spanish police will take steps to identify and ensure the safety of each of the 630 refugees and then take them to police stations and initiate immigration procedures.