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Stories by Karl Knox, Jeremiah Ho, Allison O'Reilly and Patricia Petit Liang

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By Patricia Petit Liang

Members of Black Lives Matter, Montréal Noir and Hoodstock held a vigil for Pierre Coriolan on Sunday.

According to CBC News, 58 year old Coriolan was killed by Montreal police last week.

Activists are calling for an end to institutionalized racism as well as for better health care and social services for the black community.

Members of the march also stood on an unoccupied stage at Montreal’s Jazz Festival, chanting “Jazz is Black” before heading to police headquarters.


By Karl Knox

A confrontation took place as nationalist groups Storm Alliance and La Meute clashed with supporters of Solidarity Across Borders, near the Canada-U.S. border in Quebec on Saturday.

According to CBC News, the clash was over a small group of Nigerian asylum seekers who were making their into Canada.

The far right groups have been increasingly patrolling the Hemmingford, Quebec border in recent weeks.


By Allison O’Reilly

Protesting indigenous activists came to a Canada Day picnic held by Carolyn Bennett, Federal Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs, to express concern over broken promises and a lack of progressive policy changes.

According to CBC News, the protest was organized by grassroots activists, the local chapter of Idle No more, and its provincial counterpart Idle No More Ontario.

This was part of the national day of action dubbed UNsettling Canada 150.


By Jeremiah Ho

The Madrid World Pride festival held its closing ceremony after a week of concerts, events and a parade on Sunday.

According to Reuters, hundreds of thousands of people attended the festival, making it the largest in the world promoting the rights of the LGBTQ community

New York is set to host the next World Pride festival in 2019.