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Stories by Allison O'Reilly, Ana Bilokin and Loren O’Brien-Egesborg

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By Allison O’Reilly

The Quebec City Islamic Cultural Centre opened its doors to the public on Saturday.

According to CBC News, widows and relatives of the six men killed in the Quebec City mosque shooting offered their thanks to those who helped them cope.

The open house allowed people to view thousands of messages, drawings, and cards the mosque has received since the tragedy.

This was one of several events that took place over the weekend to mark the first anniversary of the January 29th shooting.


By Ana Bilokin

The suicide rate in Nunavut has been steadily declining since 2014, but still remains high, about 9 times more than the national average.

According to CTV News, suicide prevention strategies and programming implemented in the area are directed and controlled by local Inuit communities.

Programs designed to be effective in Nunavut include resources to keep youth engaged, mental health staff in every community, and training around historical trauma.

While there is still much to be done, there is hope that the rates will continue to decline.


By Loren O'Brien-Egesborg

More than 100 people are dead and 235 are wounded after a bomb was detonated inside of an ambulance in Kabul on Saturday.

According to BBC News, this is the latest deadliest attack in Afghanistan, only one week after the attack on a hotel in Kabul.

The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack.