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By Alyosha Nowlin

Montreal woman Knar Bohjelian Yemenidjian, who was believed to be the last Canadian survivor of the Armenian genocide, died on Thursday, just before her 108th birthday.

According to CTV News, Yemenidjian and her family fled their home in 1915 when the Ottoman Turks began taking the lives of more than 1.5 million people.

In 1971, Yemenidjian found her way to Canada, which, in 2004, became one of the first countries to recognize the genocide.

A funeral service will be held for Yemenidjian on Wednesday at the Sourp Hagap Armenian Apostolic Cathedral in Montreal.​


By Michael Foldvari

Three men are thought to be dead after their snow mobile broke through the ice near Whale Cove, Nunavut, on Saturday.

According to CBC News, the men were on a cargo-run when the incident occurred.

Only one member of the team of four survived this dangerous expedition.


By Karl Knox

An outbreak of a mystery gastrointestinal flu struck Toronto's Humber College late last week, making 200 students sick.

CBC News reported that public health officials have not yet determined the cause of the flu, but experts believe the sudden illness could be the result of a virus.

Humber College released a statement on Friday, saying that students are recovering from the illness and feeling better.


By Jeremiah Ho

Millions of protesters rallied together across the globe to defend the rights of women, people of color, immigrants, people of different religious backgrounds, people with disabilities, the LGBTQIA community, the economically impoverished, survivors of sexual assault and Indigenous people on Saturday.

According to BBC News, over 500,000 people showed up at the largest Women’s March in Washington while 3.3 million people attended sister marches worldwide.

There were over 500 rallies held all over the United States, making this the largest demonstration in US history.