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By Karl Knox

Police conducted a series of drug raids in Montreal, L’Assomption, St-Marc-sur-Richelieu and Brossard on Friday.

According to the Montreal Gazette, these recent drug raids follow the raids conducted across Ontario on Thursday as part of an ongoing 18-month investigation.

Fentanyl is the drug at the root of a crisis in British Columbia and is a synthetic opioid pain medication that can be up to 100 times more powerful than Morphine and has claimed an average of two and a half lives per day since the beginning of 2016.


By Alyosha Nowlin

Warm temperatures and freezing rain raised water levels and led to power outages in towns like Waterville, Quebec on Saturday.

According to CBC News, though water levels in the Eastern townships remain stable overall, some residents south of Sherbrooke were trapped inside their homes.

Power outages affected roughly 5,000 residents province-wide and over 3,000 of these outages occurred in Chaudieres-Appalaches.


By Jeremiah Ho

Germany’s interior ministry announced on Sunday that 3,533 attacks on migrants and asylum hostels occurred in 2016 with almost 10 attacks per day.

According to BBC News, 560 people were injured, including 43 children, in the attacks.
The ministry has condemned the violence targeting migrants, as Germany deals with a large number of asylum applications.