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Stories by Jeremiah Ho, Karl Knox, Michael Foldvari & Aloysha Nowlin

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By Alyosha Nowlin

The Quebec Human Rights Commission reported that the number of discrimination-based rental complaints is on the rise.

According to CBC News, there have been 767 complaints filed over the past 10 years, with one third dealing with racism.

Guelmbaye Ngarsandje arrived in Quebec City from Chad in 2011 to study at Université Laval, but was denied housing when his landlord stated that he would not rent his apartment to people of colour.


By Karl Knox

Protesters held an anti-Muslim protest in front of a Toronto mosque on Friday, shouting at citizens and blocking them from entering the building.

According to CTV News, The National Council of Canadian Muslims has expressed deep concern over this hateful attempt to intimidate and terrorize the Muslim community.

In response to the demonstration, citizens have been posting messages of love and support on the front doors of the mosque.


By Jeremiah Ho

RCMP officers reported that 22 asylum seekers from the United States crossed the Emerson, Manitoba border over the weekend.

According to CBC News, the community of Emerson continues to wait for a plan from the federal and provincial government to address the rising number of refugee claimants.  

The RCMP has detained 99 refugee seekers at that border crossing since the start of the year.


By Michael Foldvari

Gambian agriculture minister, Omar Jallow, has been reinstated to his official position following the inauguration of president Adama Barrow on Saturday.

According to Reuters, Jallow was jailed 22 times for publicly criticizing the previous government headed by Yahya Jammeh.

Jallow aims to transition the Gambian agricultural sector away from subsistence farming and towards commercial, export oriented farming.