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Dozens of NDG residents are without water following a break in a pipeline under the Turcot Interchange project work site.

According to CBC news, the water main burst early Friday morning.

Borough mayor Russell Copeman said workers started repairs on Friday afternoon, but the location of the break, which is under a retaining wall, has made it challenging.

The cause of the break is still unknown.

Copeman says running water should be restored by this afternoon.


About 100 residents of the downtown Montreal electoral district of Sainte-Marie-Sainte-Jacques gathered on Sunday afternoon to protest the provincial government’s plan to eliminate their electoral district.

The riding is currently represented by Manon Masse.

Masse says the plan could weaken the voice that people in the riding have at Quebec’s National Assembly.

A petition from the residents has already received over 8000 signatures.

A new downtown riding called Ville-Marie will be created in their place.


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has arrived in Washington DC this morning for his first official meeting with US President Donald Trump.

The one-day visit will be viewed as setting the tone for Canada-US relations under the new Republican administration.

The two leaders are expected to discuss a wide range of topics, including trade, the economy, and security.