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By Karl Knox

Many are uncertain if the new measures introduced to ensure the safety of women attending Osheaga this weekend were helpful.

According to CBC News, officials announced in July that a new group of mobile security teams called The Hirondelles would be present at the festival to help women and those who feel vulnerable.

Festival-goers have reported that The Hirondelles’ services were unclear as their kiosks had French only signs.

These new measures were implemented at Osheaga after a woman last year had her drink spiked and received no assistance from security.


By Patricia Petit Liang

A series of thefts and the destruction of firefighting equipment have made it more difficult for the BC Wildfire Service to battle aggressive fires across the province.

According to CTV News, a water pump and 10 hoses were stolen from firefighting crews at the beginning of August.

27 evacuation orders have been made around British Columbia and the province has been under a state of emergency since July 7th.


By Patricia Petit Liang

2 soldiers have been killed and 8 others were arrested for attempting to launch an uprising against Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro on Sunday.

According to Reuters, the attack was motivated by government corruption and the killings of several citizens during anti-government protests.

Maduro's newly inaugurated assembly immediately voted to fire Chief Prosecutor and major critic of President Maduro Luisa Ortega on Saturday and has the power to rewrite the country's constitution and ignore the opposition-controlled National Assembly.