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Stories by Jeremiah Ho, Karl Knox, Michael Foldvari & Aloysha Nowlin

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By Jeremiah Ho

A young woman from Mont-St-Hilaire says that police failed to investigate her domestic violence case from last year, when her ex-partner attempted to run her over with his car.

According to CBC News, police had never contacted the woman to follow up or document evidence of the crime.   

She was only contacted two months later when Crown Prosecutors received the empty file.



By Alyosha Nowlin

The police sergeant who tasered Sammy Yatim during a confrontation in Toronto is being charged with police misconduct.

According to CBC News, Sgt. Dusan Dan Pravica tasered Yatim after another officer had shot him for refusing to drop the knife he was wielding.

Pravica claims Yatim tried to get up after being shot, but witnesses agree that he had been completely incapacitated.



By Karl Knox

A humpback whale has been trapped in thick ice near the Newfoundland fishing village of Old Perlican for several days.

According to CBC News, that the Whale Release and Strandings group told reporters that there was little that could be done to assist the whale.

Locals and experts agree that for now, the only thing they can do is leave the whale alone.



By Michael Foldvari

Ongoing landslides in South-Western Colombia have left hundreds of people dead and thousands homeless.

According to BBC News, the landslides were caused by torrential rainfall and overflowing rivers.

Political officials and scientific experts say that human-created climate change and deforestation created the conditions for these disasters.