News for Monday, April 25th 2015

By Patricia Petit Liang

Protesters gathered in front of city hall to call for a ban on Montreal’s horse-drawn carriages on Sunday.

According to CTV News, the protests were prompted by a collision between a horse and a car on Thursday.

The SPCA has denounced Montreal’s caleche industry, stating that they receive numerous complaints about the carriages year round.

Mayor Denis Coderre is waiting for the completion of several reports and inquiries before taking any action on the issue.

By Saturn De Los Angeles

Hundreds of people marched on the streets of downtown Halifax on Sunday to protest gun violence. 

According to CBC News, the rally comes in response to three shooting deaths that happened in the past week - including the murder of 20 year old Daverico Downey. 
Halifax Mayor Mike Savage joined the crowd, which was full of parents and children.

He declared that the city will make a greater attempt to stop these incidents from happening. 

The event was organized by a local non-profit community group that teaches conflict resolution tactics to youth.

By Patricia Petit Liang

President Barack Obama has rejected North Korea’s proposal to stop their nuclear testing if the United States’ ends military exercises in South Korea.

According to the National Post, North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Su Yong suggested the idea to Obama, claiming that North Korea has the right to have nuclear weapons.

Ri claims that if North Korea and the United States cannot come to an agreement, the world will be at the brink of a thermonuclear war.