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By Karl Knox

Early projections have indicated that Centrist Emmanuel Macron and far-right leader Marine Le Pen will face each other for the French presidency.

In an historic first round of voting for a new President, the people of France have rejected both the traditional left and right ruling parties and have chosen two political outsiders to vie in the next round of voting.

Macron, considered to be both socially liberal and a pro-business candidate, will face off against the anti-immigration, anti-European Union Le Pen on May 7th

According to CBC News, Many French expats who voted in Montreal have expressed their dissatisfaction with the lone polling station in Outremont, meant to serve 57,000 French citizens, A petition has been started to open up more polling stations for the second round of voting.



by Alyosha Nowlin

More than two years after complaints were filed against a Quebec court judge, an investigation into her conduct has been suspended.

Judge El-i-ana Marengo was criticized when she refused to hear a woman’s case unless she removed her hijab in the courtroom.

According to CBC News, Marengo is arguing that the Council of the Magistrature does not have jurisdiction to review her conduct in this case.

Until this matter is decided, the council must suspend their investigation.


By Michael Foldvari

A multi-year investigation targeting sex offenders by the city of Toronto has lead to more than 100 arrests, as of Friday.

According to CTV News, the operation was called ' Project Raphael' and was aimed at finding and arresting solicitors of child prostitution.

Forty cases have been tried so far, with sixty more still waiting to be resolved.  


by Jeremiah Ho

Protesters in the village of Dong Tam, Vietnam released 20 officials on Sunday who were held hostage for a week.

According to Reuters, the protesters took city officials hostage over a dispute about insufficient compensation from the government for residential land.
The city of Hanoi will investigate the dispute, and will not prosecute the protestors.