News for Monday April 11th 2016

By Sam Obrand

A crane near UQAM flipped over in Montreal on Sunday killing one and injuring another.

The incident occurred at 10:00am, killing a 53-year old man and putting his 19-year old son in the hospital.

The man’s son is in stable but serious condition after suffering a head injury.


By Saturn De Los Angeles

The First Nation of Attawapiskat is under a state of emergency following a rise in attempted suicides. 

According to CBC News, several factors for the rise include home overcrowding, drug abuse, and the inherited emotional baggage from the former residential school system. 

In response, Chief Bruce Shisheesh is coordinating a strategic plan with the band council this week; while Ontario's health ministry is sending an emergency response team to provide medical help and counselling.  

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the incidents heartbreaking, and pledged to help improve the living conditions of indigenous communities in Canada.  

By Patricia Petit Liang

A Hindu temple in Thiruvananthapuram, India suffered a fireworks incident, killing nearly 100 people during a religious festival on Sunday.

According to the Toronto Sun, explosions erupted through the Puttingal temple at 3AM, injuring hundreds of worshippers and trapping people inside.

Officials stated that the fire started when a spark from the fireworks show came in contact with hundreds of fireworks that were being separately stored in the temple complex.

Only 60 bodies have been identified amidst all of the chaos.