News for March 21st 2016

by Saturn De Los Angeles

An environmentally themed hack-a-thon took place this weekend. 

According to Global News, the event aims to encourage young innovators to find creative, feasible and sustainable solutions to energy issues.   

The event was organized by the Office de la Consultation Publique de Montreal, an independent group mandated by Montreal City Hall. 

The completed projects were shown at Concordia University, and the results will be evaluated by the organization and presented in a report. 

by Patricia Petit Liang

An Ontario family may be forced to leave Canada because their son has Down syndrome.

According to CTV News, Citizenship and Immigration Canada told Felipe Montoya, that he and his family cannot become permanent residents because of the potential burden that his son would place on the country’s healthcare system.

Montoya is understandably upset over the CIC’s ruling and says that his son needs the same amount of resources as his daughter, who does not have Down syndrome.

According to Toronto immigration lawyer, Henry Chang, what happened to the Montoyas is actually fairly common with many other families seeking permanent residence due to Canada’s strict immigration laws.

by Sam Obrand

The main suspect in last year's November Paris attacks was captured alive in Brussels on Friday.

According to CBC News, Salah Abdeslam was charged on Saturday with "terrorist murder " by Belgium authorities, following his actions in Paris that left 130 people dead.

Abdeslam is currently being held in prison and was found with additional suspects at an apartment approximately 500 miles from his own hometown.