News for June 8th 2016

By Saturn De Los Angeles

Local authorities have launched a campaign reminding people that buying sex is against the law. 

According to CTV News, the Montreal police and the RCMP are both working to crack down on prostitution and sexual tourism in light of the Montreal Grand Prix. 

The RCMP's Camille Habel says that engaging in buying such services contributes to Canada's problem with sexual exploitation. 

Amended two years ago, Canadian criminal laws state that people who buy sex can face prosecution. 

In response, anti-prostitution protesters plan to protest downtown during the Grand Prix.

by Julian MacKenzie

The University of Calgary paid twenty thousand dollars as ransom following an cyberattack on its computer system.

According to the CBC, the university doesn’t know how the ransomware attack happened, who orchestrated it or how many people were involved.

A spokesperson for the university says that the ransom was paid in order to protect the quality and nature of their stored information. 

The University of Calgary is still searching for lost emails but their email system is up and running.

by Patricia Petit Liang

Kenya was plunged into a nationwide blackout on June 7th, which was caused by a monkey.

According to BBC News, the monkey fell on a transformer at a hydroelectric power station in Gitaru.

The monkey’s fall destroyed the transformer, resulting in a crucial loss of energy and causing a total blackout across the entire country.

Fortunately, the power was restored four hours later and the monkey has recovered from the accident.