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Quebec has decided to change the mix of vaccines delivered to youth to prevent HPV.


The CBC reports national advocacy group HPV Awareness warns the decision puts savings before health.


Quebec has offered free HPV vaccines to girls since 2008, and boys since 2016.


Should parents want the original dose, they will have to pay $175.


The body of Jessica Patrick, Lake Babine First Nation, will be driven home in a funeral procession along Highway 16, also known as the Highway of Tears.
Her body was found last weekend near the highway, joining many women and girls reported missing along the highway.
The Highway of Tears spans the 720 kilometres between Prince George and Prince Rupert.
APTN reports Patrick's family asked those living along the highway to wear red in solidarity with those who have lost their lives.


Thousands gathered in Puerto Rico on Thursday for the anniversary of Hurricane Maria.

Al Jazeera reports tens of thousands are still without power and adequate shelter.
Category 4 Hurricane Maria killed nearly 3 thousand people and caused an estimated $100 billion in damages.