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Québec Solidaire has vowed to establish a guaranteed basic income for Quebecers.


The Montreal Gazette reports the party hopes to boost the income of those on welfare by about 430 dollars per month.


According to the 2017 census, 14 per cent of Quebecers live below the poverty line.



Elementary school students in Kashechewan, Ontario will be relocated to a safe learning environment.


CBC News reports Mould in the portable classroom ventilation systems allegedly resulted in respiratory illnesses among students.


Kashechewan Chief Leo declared a state of emergency to draw attention to poor living conditions in the northern Ontario Cree community.


When accused of prioritizing Toronto over the needs of Ontario’s northern communities, Ontario Premier Doug Ford responded that what he cared about was “getting the city moving.”



Thousands of people are evacuating the coast of the Philippines in brace for Typhoon Mangkhut.


According to the BBC, 10 million people are currently in the path of the storm, along with millions more in southern China.


Forecasters say the Mangkhut, currently a category 4 hurricane, will be the strongest storm to hit the region this year.