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Parti Québécois has won another election seat nearly two weeks after the election. 
A ballot recount was ordered in Gaspé after the party said they found that there were reportedly zero votes for any major party except the Liberals. 
The CBC reports Elections Québec is looking into the situation.
The case that sparked protests across Canada in 2015 is now being heard in the Supreme Court. 
Ontario trucker Bradley Barton was acquitted for the murder of Cindy Gladue, an Indigenous woman. 
Gladue was found in a bathtub in Barton's Edmonton motel room on June 21, 2011. She was 36. 
Gladue was a sex worker, her vaginal tissue was brought to the court as evidence in 2015, which was seen by protestors as wildly disrespectful.
The Supreme Court will decide whether or not to re-open the case.
The Democratic Republic of Congo is deploying troops to prevent attacks on aid workers during the most recent Ebola outbreak.
The Red Cross said they have been met with violence in the conflict-ridden eastern region of the DRC
118 people have died due to Ebola since the outbreak began two months ago.