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By Allison O'Reilly

Six teenage boys attending Seminaire des Peres maristes private high school in Quebec City have been arrested for sharing explicit photos of their classmates.

According to CBC News, the boys are expected to be charged with possession and distribution of child pornography.

The school’s principal said the boys were suspended for a week and then were allowed to return to school, in classes separated from the alleged victims

By Fiona Harrison-Roberts

New Brunswick has closed sections of the Trans Canada highway between Moncton and Fredericton due to flooding on May 3.  

According to CTV News, 81 bridges and roads have been blocked off to traffic.

Geoffery Downey, of the Emergency Measures Organization, said the Saint John river has raised nearly 5 and a half meters above sea level.


By Luca Caruso-Moro

Over 100 people have died and many have been injured in dusts storms sweeping Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan in India.

According to the BBC, dust storms are common in northern india during this time, however the scale of loss of life is not.

Officials warn the death toll could increase.