News for Friday, March 4th, 2016

by Catlin Spencer

Over a thousand cases of influenza were reported in Montreal, within the last week alone.

According to CBC News, the Montreal Childrens Hospital says they've seen close to 300 children in the emergency room daily, leading to 10 hour wait times.

Public Health officer Dr. Renée Paré notes that there is still time to receive a flu shot, and recommends staying active, getting outside and following basic hygiene measures.

The last year saw 1700 reported cases of the flu, which is 500 more than were reported in the last week.

by Catlin Spencer
A next-generation border project between Canada and the US has been put on hold due to concerns over which legal system should apply in the event of an officer breaking the law.

According to The Globe and Mail, while the pilot project was supposed to begin in 2012, the issue was brought forward in 2013 and has yet to be resolved.

For example, if an RCMP officer enters the US, it has to be decided whether the laws that govern  appropriate use of force to be applied should be based on citizenship or location.

The Beyond the Border Initiative includes dozens of projects that aim to improve security between the two countries.

by Catlin Spencer
Kim Jong Un has ordered his country to ready its nuclear weapons for use at any given time, in response to the UN's impositions of new sanctions on North Korea.

According to Reuters, Un referred to the new sanctions as growing threats from North Korea’s enemies.

A South Korean Unifications spokesperson says these comments are not helpful, and may be intended to boost North Koreans' morale in the midst of the sanctions.