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By Jeremiah Ho

18 year old Daphné Boudreault was killed by her ex-boyfriend on Wednesday after she went to their shared apartment to collect her some of her belongings.  

According to CBC News, Boudreault had been accompanied by a police officer and her mother for protection, but was murdered in front of them as soon as she entered the home.

Anthony Pratte-Lops has been charged with first-degree murder following this tragedy.


By Michael Foldvari

Toronto's police watchdog has decided that it will bring no charges against police officers, following their investigation of an incident that caused the death of 43-year-old, Rodrigo Almonacid Gonzalez on Thursday.

According to CTV News, the civilian oversight unit saw that officers had exhausted all possible opportunities to non-violently deescalate the situation, and were therefore justified in using tasers.

Gonzalez was tasered 5 times by one officer and 3 times by another officer before he was subdued and taken to a hospital, where he died the next day.     


By Patricia Petit Liang

5 people were killed in London by a British-born man on Wednesday.

According to Reuters, 52-year old Adrian Russell was shot dead following his attack and had previous convictions for grievous bodily harm, possession of offensive weapons and a variety of other public order offences.

Those who were lost on Wednesday include police officer Keith Palmer, 75 year old Leslie Rhodes, mother Aysha Frade and US tourist Kurt W. Cochran, whose wife Melissa was seriously injured in the attack.