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By Michael Foldvari

A woman's aviation organization in Lachute is under criticism following their decision to honour Hanna Reitsh, the first female helicopter pilot, on Saturday.  

According to CTV News, this decision is controversial because Reitsh, who began her aviation career in 1937, was a member of the Nazi party.

The organization stands behind its decision, claiming that it is honouring hundreds of women for their contributions to aviation history.


By Jeremiah Ho

17 asylum seekers were rescued from a shed where they took shelter after crossing the Canadian border near Emerson, Manitoba on Wednesday morning.

According to CBC News, that group, and two other people rescued earlier, made the journey in winter storm conditions.

Over 200 asylum seekers fearing deportation from the United States have crossed the Emerson border through dangerous weather since January.


By Patricia Petit Liang

South Korea’s Constitutional Court forced President Park Geun-hye out of office on Friday.

According to Reuters, Park is South Korea’s first democratically elected leader to be impeached.

A new presidential election will be held in South Korea in the next 2 months.