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Stories by Karl Knox, Jeremiah Ho, Allison O'Reilly and Shelby Thevenot

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By Shelby Thevenot

Astronaut, engineer and Montrealer Julie Payette will be Canada's next Governor General.

According to CTV News, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the Queen's approval of Payette on Thursday.

Payette is renowned for her work in developing policies to promote science and technology and will be Canada’s fourth female Governor General.


By Jeremiah Ho

Members of the Tl'etinqox First Nation in British Columbia are standing their ground and fighting the wildfires currently spreading across the province.

According to CBC News, RCMP officers told the Tl'etinqox community to leave their homes or risk having their children taken away from them.

However, First Nations have the authority to issue their own evacuations on their territory and are under no obligation to comply with the RCMP.

Access to trained firefighters and equipment have allowed the community to successfully protect their homes and land.         


By Allison O’Reilly

As conditions worsen in the battle against the Islamic State, many civilians are fleeing the city of Raqqa, Syria.

According to Reuters, more than 240,000 people have been displaced in Syria since 2016.

An estimated 30- to 50,000 people are trapped in the city with the terrorist group holding them against their will.