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By Michael Foldvari

18 people have been arrested following a series of drug raids on Thursday.

According to CBC News, this seizure follows a collaborative 18 month investigation by the cities of Toronto, Montreal and American police forces.  

Confiscated items include: fentanyl cocaine, MDMA, methamphetamine, marijuana, THC vaporizers and other related paraphernalia.


By Patricia Petit Liang

Dozens of children are being kept in Canadian immigration detention centres under extremely harmful living conditions.

According to CBC News, the University of Toronto's International Human Rights Program conducted a study and found that the fundamental rights of mothers and children were being violated while in immigration detention.

Parents in immigration detention are being forced to either give up their children to child protective services or have them join them in detention.

The children, who are exposed to daily physical and psychological harm, include refugees, Canadian citizens, toddlers and infants.


By Patricia Petit Liang

Police wore full riot gear while arresting peaceful protesters at the Dakota Access pipeline camp who refused to leave on Thursday.

According to CBC News, more than 625 people have been arrested over the last several months at the campsite.

Members of the The Standing Rock Sioux and Cheyenne River Sioux communities state that the Dakota Access pipeline will threaten their drinking water and have serious negative consequences on the environment.