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By Allison O’Reilly

A new network is hoping to provide culturally-grounded support for Indigenous students across Quebec looking for careers in the health sector.


The federal government announced last year that it would invest $8 million over five years to establish the mentorship network for First Nations, Métis and Inuit health researchers.


According to CBC News, Quebec's network was officially launched in February, and it's the only one out of the eight that is based in a First Nations community.


Adriana Poulette, the project coordinator, said the funding will allow the community to foster mentor-mentee relationships, offer scholarships, and hold an annual summer institute.


The first one will take place from August 27-29 at the 207 longhouse in Kahnawake.



By Jessica Barile

Quebec Superior court accepts class action suit issued by workers of the RCMP claiming workplace abuse.


The suit could include any employee of the RCMP, either police officers or civilian employee who allegedly suffered the abuse.


According to CBC News, none of the allegations in the lawsuit have been brought to court.


The government and RCMP have not yet responded to the class action suit.