News for Friday, April 22nd 2016

by Patricia Petit Liang

An accident involving the collision of vehicle and a horse-drawn carriage prompted activists to call for a ban on Montreal’s caleche industry, on Thursday,

According to CTV News, a video surfaced of a white horse stumbling on top of the roof of a car at an intersection.

Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre has stated that efforts will be made to improve the city’s caleche industry as he feels horse-drawn carriages are part of Montreal’s identity.

Animal-rights activists will stage a protest at Montreal’s city hall on Sunday.

by Emeline Vidal

Senator Mike Duffy was cleared of all 31 charges against him, on Thursday.

According to CBC news, judge Charles Vaillancourt found that Duffy's expenses were "unorthodox" but "honest and reasonable".

Vaillancourt criticized the Harper administration, and maintained that Duffy had been an unwilling participant in a larger scheme.

Duffy appeared in court over multiple counts of fraud and bribery covering more than $90,000 of inappropriate living expenses, $50,000 of personal expenses reported as Senate expenses, and allegations of breach of trust through his association of with former chief of staff, Nigel Wright.

by Catlin Spencer
After a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake, Ecuador will be temporarily increase taxes, sell assets and issue bonds to help fund its multi-billion dollar reconstruction.
According to Reuters, President Rafael Correa estimates the damages at two to three billion dollars, which will lower the country's economic growth this year by two to three percent.
The quake, which hit Saturday, killed 570 people, injured 7, 000 others and has left 24, 000 survivors without water, power or transport.
Correa says the death toll is likely to rise further.