News for February 29th 2016

by Sam Obrand

Montreal's unionized workers announced on Sunday that they will suspend their strike to keep major city attractions open during spring break. 

According to CBC News, March 1st will no longer be a day of pressure tactics for the city's unionized workers.

The strike comes following the absence of a collective agreement that some 8000 workers have been without for four years.

By Saturn De Los Angeles

The Federal government is planning to grant a posthumous pardon to honor the rights of LGBTQ people in Canada.

According to CTV News, the initiative was motivated by the imprisonment of Everett George Klippert in 1960 for gross indecency for openly declaring that he was a homosexual.

In 1969, Canada decriminalized homosexuality but Klippert had been labeled a dangerous sex offender and remained in prison until 1971.

by Patricia Petit Liang

Suicide bombers killed 70 and injured more than 100 people in Baghdad on Sunday.

According to the Globe and Mail, Police said that two suicide bombers blew themselves up while riding motorcycles through a crowded market.

The twin suicide bombing was one of the deadliest attacks conducted by the Islamic state inside of the capital this year.