News for February 12th, 2016

Hosted by: Pauline Nesbitt

Stories by: Patricia Petit-Liang, Emeline Vidal

Produced by: Emeline Vidal

by: Patricia Petit Liang

Quebec Transport Minister Jacques Daoust and Mayor Denis Coderre called for the suspension of UberX, following protests by Montreal taxi drivers, on Wednesday.

According to CBC News, hundreds of taxis disrupted the flow of traffic at Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport to protest the use of the UberX app.

A committee will be created next week by Quebec’s new transport minister in order to find a way to mediate the conflict between taxi and UberX drivers in the province.

by: Emeline Vidal
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Thursday that Canada will seek a seat at the UN Security Council.
According to CTV News, Canada has had a seat at the council on-and-off for the last 60 years, before loosing it most recently in 2010.
The country's relationship with the UN gradually deteriorated after a Canadian Peacekeeper was killed in the Israeli-Lebanese war.
Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper had stopped attending meetings held by the UN.
UN Secretary Ban Ki-Moon welcomed Trudeau's announcement.
by: Emeline Vidal
The presence Gravitational waves has been confirmed for the first time, on Thursday.
According to the Globe and Mail, this discovery by a team of American scientists, confirms the last of Einstein's predictions regarding general relativity.
Gravitational waves also confirm the existence of black holes more precisely than observation and calculations were able to so far.
The waves are produced when two black holes collide. 
The experiment cost $1.1 billion to set up, and has started garnering results before official tests have been set to run..