News for December 18th, 2015

Hosted by Julian Mckenzie
Stories by Patricia Petit Liang and Catlin Spencer
Produced by: Emeline Vidal


by Patricia Petit Liang

A 16 year old from Montreal has become the first Canadian to ever be convicted of trying to leave the country to join a terrorist organization, on Thursday.

According to CBC News, the teenager was also found guilty of a robbery committed to benefit the Islamic state.

Information taken from the teenager’s computer suggested that he had intended to join terrorist groups overseas since 2012.

The judge ruled some evidence to be inadmissible in court since police had not well informed the suspect of his rights.

The teenager will receive his sentencing in 2016 once several psychological and pre-sentencing reports have been conducted.


by Catlin Spencer

Canadian forces responded to a co-ordinated attack by hundreds of ISIS militants in northern Iraq on Thursday.

According to CTV News, Major General Charles Lamarre calls it the largest event the Canadian Armed Forces in Northern Iraq have been involved in.

ISIS militants were apparently attacking Kurdish forces when Canadian Special Operations Forces deployed to train, advise and assist were close enough to respond.

Canadian forces responded with fire, and two CF-18 jets that were already in the air at the time dropped bombs.

There were no Canadian casualties, but Kurdish forces sustained a number of losses.


by Catlin Spencer

Martin Shkreli, the entrepreneur who bought an AIDs drug and raised the price 55-fold this Fall, was arrested Thursday after being charged with securities fraud.

According to CBC, federal authorities are charging the entrepreneur with falsifying the financial statements of an unrelated business venture in a Ponzi-like scheme.

While no allegations have been proven in court as of yet, it is suspected that after Shkreli lost money in his hedge fund, he used the assets of another company he owned to pay back investors.

Shkreli has been called out on social media for hiking the price of Daraprim, a life-saving drug used in the treatment of AIDS, by 5000%.

Shkreli has since been release on $5 million bond.