New Swears - Funny Isn't Real

Inquisitive stoned hipster asks : "So, what kind of music does your band play?" 

Also stoned hipster musician replies : "Uh.. I don't know... rock I guess.."

The world of rock and roll is about as dirty as my pile of socks that pay homage to my unbearable laziness. There are so many different sub genres and styles to take into consideration when you're describing the sound of your favourite rock band. New Swears falls into a category that isn't serious by any means, but they are tight as fuck.

The musicianship that's shown on "Funny Isn't Real" is undeniably impressive. Trying to keep the interest of our 4-second attention span generation is no easy feat. This is an album that you can put on and party to. After listening to this, I want to see them live rather than listen again. But I will listen again, and again because this record is just what the doctor ordered for a cure of the St. Patricks day hangover blues.

The vocals on this album are similar to the early Black Lips when they were good. The sincerity of the lyrics are completely transparent and hormonal. This music sounds almost like a revival of the punk scene in Ottawa during the 80's. I think of bands such as The Dundrells. Then there's a slight influence of The Pixies in the guitar and bass tone. New Swears is less of a "RIYL (recommended if you like)" band, but more of an immersive sound that I used to believe was lost.

Favourite lyrics:

Going down to burning man
Gonna take some LSD
No way not me bud
No way not me

Gonna take my moms car
It's a six cylinder
Gonna get there faster
Gonna burn alot of gas