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A spate of recent attacks in Afghanistan making it look like it could be a long summer for NATO allies which doesn't auger well for Canadians either of course. Taking place all over Afghanistan and talk is that this is the beginning of the Taliban summer offensive. At some point in the recent past wasn't it NATO who were said to be planning a summer offensive?

There are tons of posts here on what I've been calling the BP Valdez, in the hopes it would go viral and people would notice our little blog (can't blame a guy for trying). You'd think that what's taking place in the Gulf of Mexico would make people sit up and take notice. Maybe pause before they did anything as stupid, or reckless. You'd be wrong. In fact so far as getting people to think differently about the inherent costs and risks of  retrieving and burning fossil fuels it seems little has changed. Canada's tar sands on track to suppliy 30% or more of US oil needs in 2030.