New Media and Politics - Cataloguing Lunacy

Beginning with unsexy war blogging: Analysis suggests it will be near impossible for Obama to achieve a drawdown in Iraq by the August deadline. A brazen attack in Afghanistan on Bagram Air Base suggests that things not on track there either.

A fascinating BBC interview about the ways in which NATO is "divided" over Russia.

The five UN Security Council members have recently agreed to sign on for crippling sanctions to Iran but it may cause the collapse of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) in the middle-east. And here's analysis from the Asia Times on the deal for sanctions struck by the US, and their reaction to Tehran's nuclear swap with Brazil and Turkey.

From the crazy in US politics, C&L has a wrap on Tuesday night's primaries and vote in Pennnsylvania which suggests that the teabaggers really don't have as  much influence as the media might have led you to believe. I'll hold to my predictions for the coming Novemeber US mid-terms and that is the GOP will not gain many seats in the House. They have a problem: the nuts are running the assylum and they are the hard-core participants in the primaries. So, even in a year where people are inclined to vote against incumbents if your choice is between an incumbent and a crazy person well...

Sticking with crazy people, can you imagine anything easier than a gig where you get to fact check Michelle Bachmann? For insane rantings, how about Newt Gingrich yelling "Obama is worse than Hitler?" Glenn Beck says to store food, pray for him, the apocalypse is coming. He is pocketing a fortune while talking like he is stark raving mad! Of course Rush Limbaugh makes bizarre pronouncements about liberals annd Obama every day of the week.

Wall Street reform bill set to go through in a victory for dems and the administration. It remains to be seen if that means a victory for the rest of us.

And to end on a crazy note, North Korea threatening to wage war if they're punished for sinking of a South Korean ship, which they swear they didn't do.