New Max T Remix of Raveen's "Begin"

If you didn't already hear, we're hosting our third of five CJLO music department showcases at Casa del Popolo on Thursday, January 11th!

This next showcase is presented by our Electronic (RPM) Department and features live performances from four amazing local artists: Max TRaveenCELESTE and Jaiden Davis-JonesYou can buy tickets at the door for only $7 (pay-what-you-can).

All event details can be found on the Facebook Event, HERE


Get a taste of what to expect by listening to this brand new Remix by Max T of Raveen's Begin...

And here's a note from the lead-singer Eric Seguin about the track: "Max T has transported our track 'Begin' into a whole new world of re-harmonization and shiny plastic synths. The basic core of the song remains in tact, and yet we can't help but feel overwhelmingly happy after listening to his interpretation of our otherwise melancholy R&B crossover closer from the 'Always' LP. Sit back and sink into the squeaky clean nightmare that is Max T's Begin Remix."