Netflix Apology, Indigenous Education Funding, Beothuk Remains

Hosted by Ahmad Moujtahed

Stories by Luca Caruso-Moro, Ahmad Moujtahed





Netflix is apologizing for using footage of the Lac Mégantic train crash that killed 47 people in 2013.

Video of the disaster was also used in the TV show Travellers.


Ottawa is reworking the way it funds education for Indigenous children.

For years, the government has been criticized for not providing funding for Indigenous education comparable to provincial school boards.

In April, nearly $2 billion will be managed by chiefs and band councils across the country.

The feds say they are working to make education more traditionally focused.


In the mid 1820’s, the remains of two Beothuk people were taken out of the ground at Red Indian Lake in Newfoundland and brought to Edinburgh.

The Beothuk are a now extinct community of Indigenous  people.

Indigenous and provincial leaders have been calling for the return for years.