Nanimal - Presentation

Summer, where are you? Nanimal, a Montreal-based band releasing their debut full-length Presentation, seem to have an idea. It's a follow-up to their previous release, Karma Kamikaze EP, which was recorded at Montreal's finest radio station, CJLO (heard of it?). Nanimal make music you listen to with the windows open and your mind adrift.
More than just wanting to blast this record out of your speakers, Presentation's exuberant energy creates a desire to see Nanimal live. Often bands whose music fall into that increasingly meaningless term "noise rock" or "indie-rock" struggle to translate the booming energy of their live sound into a recording. One of the primary reasons Presentation works so well is the production doesn't shy away from the rawness of what's being emoted, but rather embraces and emphasizes it, which ultimately creates an energetic atmosphere that's hard to ignore.
Opening track "Mother Father" sets the tone for the record clearly. Title track "Presentation" gives us some great advice, "You don't let no bullshit change nothing / I've changed, I think, it's in the presentation". It almost sounds silly, but for anyone in that weird mid-20's stretch, it's a statement that's all too relatable. The record is diverse, and doesn't stick to any sonic or lyrical structure throughout, which keeps your attention intact. Album stand out "Only If You Say" veers off into swirling post-punk territory, while "Call The Airline" is driven by jangly guitar tones and one of the best songs on the record.
Sonically, the record evokes multiple references, notably the Pixies and the raw guitar crunch of Steve Albini produced records. Fans of Parquet Courts, White Lung, and Greys will find plenty to love here, but to be clear the reason this record works is because Nanimal have their own distinct voice. That voice is laced with personality, wit and at times, aggression. It feels familiar but stands on its own, and this makes the record both highly palatable and engaging even on first listen.
Rating: 4/5
Best For: Convincing yourself it's not freezing outside. Still.


--Kenny Chatoor is former CJLO radio DJ and magazine contributor currently living in Ontario, "Yeah things are good, there is definitely nothing like CJLO in Toronto though, which is a bummer."