Mundial Montreal Spotlight and Give-Away on "Champs of the Local Scene"

Mundial Montreal, The Gateway to North America's World Music Network, is back for its 6th edition, November 15-18th with the theme Music Without Boarders. From spotlights on Aboriginal Sounds, Canadian and International artists, learn how a group of musicians and music lovers work together by creating music projects to help heal communities.

With some of the best world music artists from Canada and abroad, panels and workshops, showcases, and networking activities, you are surely to discover a new sound or make a new friend! 

Listen to "Champions of the Local Scene" today from 6-7pm with guest host, Kelly Belfo, for more information on all of the panels, activities, and showcases Mundial Montreal has to offer. Stick around for the full hour because CJLO will also be giving away a pair of tickets to the highly anticipated show, NIYAZ - The Fourth Light Project

If you want to get a head start, check out the complete schedule showcase here!

Kelly Belfo is CJLO's World Music Director and founder of "Beat The World" hosted by Mr Neil Lalla, Saturdays noon-2pm