MTL Business, Property price drop, Legault asks for help from public

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Montreal “Relaunch Program”

“What we need absolutely to do, is to save the largest number of businesses possible”

That's what Mayor Valerie Plante said Tuesday, when speaking about how council plans to use the $40 million dollars given by the Quebec government to help Montreal businesses.

The city will announce a “relaunch program” in early May. It will outline which local businesses are expected to open, and how they will open while respecting rules of social distancing. 

Montreal property price drop

Montreal residential properties could register the biggest drop in price in at least half a century, if businesses take longer than six months to reopen 

The real estate company Royal LePage has recorded a 3.5 per cent drop, the largest in the last 50 years, when they started recording market data.

Legault appeal to the public 

Legault is asking for experienced health care workers to come work in Quebec’s long-term care centres (CHSLD).

The centres have experienced severe COVID-19 outbreaks. Legault says the situation is worse than the government anticipated.

Quebec will even allow “identified caregivers” to come work in the centres under strict conditions, which will include family members and friends to help their loved ones.