Montreal's new political party, Indigenous leaders meet with Legault, COVID-19 tracking app

Hadassah Alencar




NDG Mayor forms new political party

There’s a new political party in Montreal.

It's called Équipe Sue Montgomery, made by, of course, Sue Montegormey, mayor of the Côte-des-Neiges—NDG borough in Montreal.

She’s expected to run for mayor again next year under her new party.

Indigenous leaders meet with Legault

Legault is willing to apologize for the racist and inhumane treatment Joyce Echaquan endured at the Joliette hospital before her death.

CBC news reported Legault said he would find the proper way to do so.

Legault said measures will be taken to end racist treatment displayed in the video against Joyce Echaquan. 

But when Legault met with Indigenous leaders on Monday, he still didn’t agree systemic racism exists in Quebec.

COVID-19 tracking app available in Quebec

As daily COVID-19 cases mount into the thousands, Legault has announced the national tracking app is available in Quebec.

The province is late in adopting the tracking app. Since July, over 3 million Canadians have already downloaded it. 

The app is called the COVID alert app, and is available for both Apple and Android users.