Montreal merchant who was looted supports for BLM protest, Plante and Legault on racism in Montreal, Valérie Plante supports body cameras for Montreal Police

Hadassah Alencar




Montreal merchant who was looted expressed continued support for BLM protests

Steve’s music store owner Lenny Lanteigne told CTV News he supports the Black Lives Matter movement even after being looted during Sunday’s demonstration. 

After police shot tear gas into a crowd of peaceful protestors, some demonstrators began looting and destroying property. 

Videos show the stores glass windows broken with looters walking out carrying guitars and other merchandise. 

Lanteigne says it was unfortunate, but worth it for the cause.

Plante and Legault on racism in Montreal

Legault is committing his government to prepare a plan against racism in Quebec. 

This after he was criticized for saying systemic discrimination was not an issue in Quebec. 

He did not back away from his statements, but said there is a need to combat racism. 

This will include sending “clear directives” against racial profiling to all police forces in Quebec.

Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante acknowledged systemic discrimination is an issue in Montreal.

Valérie Plante supports body cameras for Montreal police

Montreal police will need to wear body cameras.

While the mayor initially came out against the idea, Plante says the cameras are “part of the tool box” to fight against systemic discrimiation in policing.

Along with the cameras, police will have stricter rules for street-checks and updated training.