Montreal extends state of emergency, Bushfires rush through NS, Major Quebec Fire Extinguished

Reporter: Shanellie Marie

Stories: Luca Caruso Moro 




Montreal extends state of emergency 


For your COVID-19 update, Montreal has again extended its state of emergency to May 26.

The province is moving forward with plans to reopen retailers, library services and museums. 

As of this weekend there were over 46,000 people infected in Quebec.


Bushfires rush through NS


Approximately 1000 people were forced to leave their homes this weekend as bushfires spread through Nova Scotia. 

Dry and windy conditions have pushed fires to grow out of control in the Porter Lake area, just 20 km east of Halifax. 

Authorities say the evacuation perimeter may need to be expanded. 

Halifax Fire has been called in to aid provincial firefighters. 


Major Quebec Fire Extinguished


In Quebec,the changing weather has raised the risk of fires in the province to “extreme.”

A major fire broke out on Friday 20 minutes north of Trois-Rivieres. 

Several people were evacuated as firefighters from seven municipalities banded together to fight the blaze. 

Quebec’s provincial police did not report any injuries.