Monday, April 4th 2016

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by Catlin Spencer

Now retired after 50 years of service, Montreal’s original subway cars are looking for a second lease on life.

According to Global News, the city's transport agency is asking members of the public for proposals to buy and transform the first-generation cars.

The proposals to transform the cars however must be feasible and environmentally friendly, include financial planning and honour the cars legacy.

The cost per car runs from 750 dollars to 1, 000, plus shipping, which comes to an estimated 4, 000 dollars.

by Catlin Spencer

After costing taxpayers 18, 676 dollars, the office of late Councillor Rob Ford says his family will be reimbursing the full amount of his public memorial from last week.

According to The Toronto Star, in a statement posted Monday morning on Twitter, Fords Chief of staff Dan Jacobs wrote that the family always intended to pay back the cost.

Jacobs says that they were originally told the costs would be minimal, under 1, 000 dollars.

However, the city of Toronto says that there were obvious costs associated with hosting the event, considering it's magnitude and hiring staff to work on a holiday.

by Catlin Spencer

In a drive to shut down the main route being used by millions to flee war and poverty, the first Turkish migrants were deported from Greek islands and back to Turkey on Monday.

According to the Globe and Mail, under a disputed EU-Turkey deal, Ankara will be taking back all the migrants and refugees who crossed the Aegean sea illegally.

The deal aims to discourage migrants from perilous illegal crossings in small boats and dinghies and stop human smuggling.

In return for accepting the refugees back, the European Union will accept thousands of Syrian refugees directly from Turkey and compensate them with money, visa-free travel and progress in EU membership negotiations.