Moderna vaccine comes to Canada, Daycares told to throw out masks, Construction company accused of doing poor job in First Nations

Hadassah Alencar




Moderna vaccine comes to Canada

Health Canada has approved a second COVID-19 vaccine from Moderna. 

A shipment of the new vaccines are scheduled to arrive in just in time for Christmas.

Moderna promises to deliver 40 million doses of the vaccine to Canada in 2021.

Also by the end of next year, Ottawa plans to have every Canadian vaccinated.

Daycares told to throw out masks

Throw them out! Quebec tells the provinces daycares to get rid of a certain kind of blue disposable mask.

The government supplied the masks to the daycares earlier this year, between May to November. 

Quebec told the provinces 15, 000 daycares they will begin shipping new masks in mid-January.

Construction company accused of doing poor job in Indigenous First Nations

A construction company doing work in various First Nations is accused of shoddy work.

The issues reported against Kingdom Construction Limited (KCL) include constant delays, inadequate work, and an apparent reluctance to hire Indigneous workers. 

These problems delayed First Nations communities work towards having clean drinking water and wastewater management.

The company told APTN news they denied the allegations, but later had to apologize for insensitive comments made during their apology.