Mix By Montreal Resident d'Eon on Haze World

The second hour of Monday's Haze World will feature a mix by Montreal resident d'Eon. His music is difficult to describe, so maybe it's better to cop out and list some of its clearest influences: chanted devotionals, ebm, uk hardcore and jungle, 80s & 90s us r&b and funk, starry-eyed synthesizer jam-outs. It's tinny and plastic but in the best possible way, allowing something deeply personal to seep through the cracks in that saccharine polish.

I've read critics try to pinpoint what emotion his tracks are going for, but that's missing the point - their personality comes from them being a lot of things at once. Triumph and defeat, personal and political are disorientingly layered, the results like being trapped in a giant, constantly turning kaleidoscope. He released his debut lp palinopsia on hippos in tanks last year, as well as a track on no pain in pop's bedroom club compilation. Also he recently had the honor of getting his video censored by pitchfork's supposedly transgressive side-blog. I'm thrilled to report that his mix is a perfect complement to all of this.

Steve Kerr of Haze World