Metal Review : Ritual Master, Nightbringers, and Momokai

On a very hot Saturday in June, the metal gods embraced us with local band Ritual Master: a band along side many others, like Ashbreather, who are emerging from the outskirts of Montreal. 
Needless to say I've seen these guys perform many times before, yet they continue to improve and impress. I would not be surprised for this band to become the next Black Sabbath. They played a very dynamic and interesting set with new songs in the mix. They even debuted two  new songs from their new album, Bride of Daegon and `Received from Extinction. The band performed with chararcter and showmanship on stage, putting a smile on my, and many other attendees faces’. 
They always bring a phenomenal performance, but this time something about the sound made them super crunchy and tight: the album sound was delivered and executed live, an impressive feat. In addition, their light show was really great because it set the mood for some of the songs, and was blended in well with the mix. 
These guys are on hot radar now : metalheads should be on the lookout for them. 
Heck I'd want to see these guys open for Ghost.  They'd be the perfect fit for a opening band on the second or third slot of their show, because of the doomy atmosphere they are able to create. They are a huge beast that cannot be stoped.
The second band to go on stage was Nightbringers. With a very classic style, something like Dio meets Iron Maiden, everything from their hairtyles to their ripping guitar solos emitted a scorpion vibe: fresh and original. 
Next up, Momokai surprised me with their superior skills in sludge metal and unique grooves. They had an excellent stage presence, and seemed to have a lot of fun on stage with the crowd in-between songs. 
They were definitely entertaining to watch and had a very intriguing style. Mid-way through the set, they came out with a surprise : doing a cover of “The Wizard”,  from the original Black Sabbath album. It was cool to hear live, and sounded a bit like the work of Sabbath. Thelead singer pulled out a Harmonica and added to the imersive nature of the song, combining with the charm created by putting it into they're own style (which most bands don't really do when it comes to covers).
But more or less they put on a great show and I thoughly enjoyed their set. 
Unfortunately I did not have time to catch the last two bands due to time constraints, but overall this show was spectacular and was a intimate evening with friends that I haven't seen in quite some time, and seeing new bands from the local area and beyond.