Metal March

It's March again here at CJLO and you know what that means. That's right, it's time for #CJLOMetalMarch, where we celebrate all of the loud music genres and subgenres that bring us together.
What do we have in store for this month? For the fourth year in a row, we have a lot planned for both our programming and for events within the city of Montreal.
First, let's focus on our biggest endeavor, and something you can enjoy wherever you are! Here at CJLO, we love discovering and promoting local and independent bands, so we're keeping the giving season going, and offering you a band advent calendar, a "bandvent calendar" if you will, for you to enjoy all month long. If you're not familiar with the concept, an advent calendar is basically a countdown to Christmas where you open up a section each day to get a little treat. How does a bandvent calendar work? Well, we teamed up with a bunch of bands to give you the gift of free music, every single day. Watch our social media every day through Metal March, because we'll be highlighting a new band and linking to one of their albums, which you can download absolutely free! Of course, you're free to donate some money and support the band if you like. Head over to CJLO's Facebook now ( and be sure to like and follow our page, and check back every day for a new record you can sink your teeth into!
Speaking of free new music, CJLO is teaming up with WIXQ 91.7FM, a college station in Millersville, Pennsylvania, to bring you some more great bands you might not yet know about. Together, we've created a compilation of excellent bands local to our respective areas that we think you'll enjoy, so be on the look out for that later on in the month.
Oh, you like live music? Well, don't worry, because we're co-presenting a bunch of shows as well. First, check out Deathnap, Kennedy, In the Name of Havoc, Loose Teeth and Dirt Nap at Turbo Haus on Metal March 2nd for a night of hardcore and punk. Check out the event here:
Then, on Metal March 20th, check out the Hellzapoppin Circus Sideshow for some truly amazing feats preceded by the horror punk of the Screaming Demons. Intrigued? It all goes down at Piranha Bar, and all the info is here:
Finally, at Turbo Haus on Metal March 23rd, we'll have the sounds of Doom An Blue, Mooch, Gutser, and Ginger at the Revenge of the Block Party! Stoner rock and punk will combine for an awesomely loud event. Check out the event more details:
"Money's too tight for shows, but I still want to go out and have fun with fellow metalheads," I hear you say. Well friend, don't worry, because you can come out to Metal Thursday at Turbo Haus on Metal March 28th. CJLO DJs will be spinning your favorite tracks and drink specials will be happening all night long. This event is totally free, so stay tuned for all the event info in the coming days.
And of course, CJLO has special programming happening all through the month. Every day we'll be spotlighting a specific show that's going to playing loud stuff for you to enjoy. Electronic shows playing industrial, indie-rock shows playing metalcore, hip hop shows playing crossover tracks, world shows doing showcases from metal artists around the world, and everything in between. It's all going to becoming your way on the airwaves of CJLO this month!
You'll also want to join all of us metal weirdos as we do a special over night show from March 22nd at 8PM through until 9AM on March 23rd. We'll have special giveaways, live bands playing music, interviews with artists, giveaways, and whatever other weirdness we come up with. Mark your calendars now for a night of exhaustion-and-caffeine-fueled insanity!
Is that it? No, there's still more, because through all of this, we at CJLO will be giving away prizes from some awesome businesses who have been kind enough to supply us with all kinds of goodies for you to enjoy. Companies like:

- Dodge Bow Montreal -
- The Force Academy -  
- Drawn and Quarterly -
- Prosthetic Records -
- Nuclear Blast -  

- Evenko -
- Dungeon Works Productions - 
- Club Insiders
- Looters PR -
- Asher Media Relations -
- Metal Blade Records -
- Hopeless Records -
- Syndicate PR -
- Turbo Haus -
and more
How can you win? Tune in, come out and keep it locked to CJLO and our social media all month long! Want to support CJLO? Considering donating through the button on our website, or perhaps you could vote for us for Best Radio Station in Cult's Best of Montreal poll. I'll just... leave it here for you. No pressure:
So keep on rocking and come celebrate everything heavy with us. We'll see you all through #CJLOMetalMarch!